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TVS Board of Trustees

2022-2023 Academic Year

Jenny Rosell ’95 – President
Brant Martin ’88 – Vice-President
Mindy Hegi – Treasurer
Maxwell Lea – Secretary

Heather Breiter
Geeth Chettiar
Adrianne Deem
Megan Deen
Joe Gallagher ’85
Marc Goldman ’92
Mindy Hegi

Willie Houston
Amy Jacobs
Maxwell Lea
Bryan Lynch
Brant Martin ’88
Woei Ming ’01
David Nolet

Christy Peveto
Ann Ranelle
Jenny Rosell ’95
Tosin Smith
Michael Steadman
Steve Willmann
Kit Ulrich

Ex-officio Trustees

Tamara Willmann – Parents’ Club President
Kathleen Moler ’98 – Alumni Association President

Committee Chairpersons

Advancement Committee – Bryan Lynch, Chair
Audit Committee – Steve Willmann, Chair
Executive Committee – Jenny Rosell ’95, Chair
Finance Committee – Mindy Hegi, Chair
Governance Committee – Amy Jacobs, Chair
Finance Sub-Committee / Endowment – Maxwell Lea, Chair
Ad Hoc Committee / Community & Inclusion – Geeth Chettiar, Chair

Head of School – Blair Lowry

If you have any questions regarding our Board of Trustees, please contact:

Kiley Brannon '00
Administrative Assistant to the Head of School