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Middle School

In the Middle School, students grow in their ability to use technology to create, collaborate, and communicate. They hone their technology skills through STEAM instruction as well as opportunities integrated into our academic curriculum. The iPad is used with intentionality as a tool for creativity, research, and organization. 

Our Middle School students regularly engage in conversations about digital citizenship and mindful, healthy technology use as part of our advisory, Skills for Tomorrow, and Mind Makers programs. The Middle School iPad program is designed to help students use the iPad as an academic and creative tool while developing the skills to manage digital distractions in an increasingly busy world.

All Middle School students take part in our 1:1 iPad program. iPads are purchased through the School, charged to the student's account, and given to students during iPad orientations at the beginning of the year.

Each iPad comes with a keyboard case and a manufacturer's warranty for the iPad and the case. The iPads are also covered by the AppleCare+ protection plan that covers accidental damage for the duration of Middle School. Details about model and pricing are communicated to families during the spring.  

As technology continues to evolve, we constantly review and iterate our program and practices to improve learning outcomes.