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At TVS, we believe it’s important to integrate technology with purpose.


STEAM and Computer Science

At every level, TVS students engage in opportunities to explore and create using technology through coding, digital art and story telling, 3D design, and more. STEAM teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to bring these tools into the academic curriculum and provide instruction in our dedicated STEAM, computer science, and digital fabrication classes.  

Technology in Learning

It is our goal to create an environment where technology supports creative problem-finding and -solving, openness to growth, and an innovator’s mindset to prepare students for a fast-paced world of constant revision and iteration. Teachers leverage technology to differentiate and adapt instruction; provide dynamic, interactive feedback; and empower students to take ownership of their learning.

Students are empowered with opportunities to creatively show their thinking and learning through media creation, graphic design, and web design, among other creative tools. They also leverage technology to collaborate with each other and with experts around the globe. 

Developing Digital Well-Being

We believe in the importance of helping our students develop a balanced approach to their technology use. We work with our students to promote healthy, functional relationships with technology in age-appropriate ways.  

Eileen Ford, Director of Technology and Innovation

Eileen Ford
Director of Technology & Innovation


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