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Trojans Abroad Programs

Connecting students and faculty with cultures from around the world through transformational experiences abroad

In support of the TVS Mission of “the development of wide constructive interests” and “intelligent citizenship” and our Global Education global competency goals of Self-awareness, Empathy, Cross-cultural Communication, and Cross-cultural Understanding, each year we offer Trojans Abroad and TOE Beyond Programs.

Trojans Abroad Programs have combined Trinity Valley School’s emphasis on outdoor, international, and experiential education in Australia, Austria, the Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, England, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Italy, Peru, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and other exciting destinations. As part of our Global Education and Trojan Outdoor Experience Programs, these opportunities connect our students and faculty with people around the world and increase their respect for themselves, each other, and the natural world.

  • Join a 1:1 Exchange to host and be hosted in Australia, Canada, & Scotland;
  • Go "global" while staying domestic in Puerto Rico;
  • Hike the Austrian Alps;
  • Practice your Chinese and Spanish while living with host families;
  • Hone your acting skills at London's Globe Theatre;
  • Expand your knowledge of biology while studying endangered species in Costa Rica;
  • Travel to historic sites in Greece & Italy;
  • Explore Costa Rica's rain forests and stay with local families;
  • Experience the warmth and beauty of Eswatini (formerly, Swaziland);

Find the leader within as you move out of your comfort zone and into new and transformational experiences in cultures around the world!

2024  Trojans Abroad Programs

1:1 Ambassador Exchanges in AustraliaCanada, & Scotland 

  • Australia: Current 9-11th graders; 2-4 students; HOST a student from our partner school (Whitsunday Anglican School, Mackay, Queensland) for 3 weeks in April and STAY with the same student's family and experience school in Mackay for 3 weeks in July; approx. travel costs: $2,300
  • Canada: Current 10th grade girls; 2 students; HOST a student from our partner school Oct 27 - Nov 13 and STAY with the same student's family and experience school in Toronto from Feb 16 - Mar 3 (school absences are excused); approx. travel costs: $1,000; Application coming soon! 
  • Scotland: Current 8th grade girls; 2-4 students max; HOST a student from our partner school for 3 weeks in April and STAY with the same student's family and experience school in Edinburgh from about May 25 - June 15; approx. travel costs: $2,100; Application coming soon! APPLY HERE by Oct 1 0

Germany/Poland   The Holocaust, Human Rights, & Reconciliation

  • Join a group of German Upper School students from our partner school (AVG) in Poland for an experience of a lifetime
  • Together, witness the tragedies of the Holocaust, walk through ruins of anti-semitism that date back to the 1400s, discuss and reflect on pathways to reconciliation and healing
  • We will also enjoy German and Polish cuisine, while hanging out with our new German friends
  • Main destinations include Frankfurt, Auschwitz, & Krakow
  • To prepare, the group will visit the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in the fall
  • Jan 26 - Feb 3 (absences are excused); 15 students max.; current 9-12th graders
  • Approx. cost: $3,100 (includes airfare, insurance, hotels, all excursions, most meals, etc).

Japan  Religion and Culture

  • Experience Japan with our very own Japanese expert, Dr. Roemer (he lived in Japan for 3 years and has published numerous academic articles and taught courses contemporary Japanese religiousness)
  • Visit historic sites centuries' old, experience Japanese karaoke, relax in a coffee shop with cats, witness the majesty of Mt. Fuji, eat AMAZING food, and get out of your comfort zone in Japan!
  • Main cities we'll visit include Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.
  • May 27 - June 7; 20 students max; current 9-11th graders (12th graders who were signed up for the 2020 Japan trip may also apply)
  • Approx. cost: $4,000 (includes airfare, hotels, insurance, all excursions, most meals, etc).

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Let new cultures be your teachers,
Let exploration and discovery be your mentors, and
Let challenges be your motivators!