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Global/Multicultural Signature Program

In support of the TVS Mission, our Upper School Certificate Programs are experiential, student-driven opportunities to explore deeply and independently a specific area of interest. These programs take place over several years–generally, beginning in 10th grade–and allow students to develop or follow a passion on and off campus and gain invaluable knowledge and life skills. Certificate Program offerings currently include: Computer Science and Digital Fabrication, Global / Multicultural Studies, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Outdoor Leadership.

Requirements for completion of each program varies, but all students must design and engage in a project- or solution-based internship/project on and/or off campus. Additionally, all programs culminate in a formal Certificate Project Presentation before graduation, in which students share their learning journeys and results of their experiences with an audience, including people from within and outside of the TVS community. Throughout the program, students will meet regularly with their Faculty and Internship Mentors (if different) to plan, explore, discuss, get feedback, and prepare for the Presentation. Although the internship/project needs to be student-driven and the work done mostly independently, working with faculty and/or off-campus leaders in the field are critical components to each student’s success.

Beginning in the fall of their senior year, students who have successfully completed initial stages of their program can earn the transcript designation of “[Name of Program] Certificate Program--In Progress.” Upon completion of all program requirements and the Project Presentation, their final official transcript will be updated to “[Name of Program] Certificate Program--Graduate,” and the student will receive a “Pass” grade. 


For more details, contact the Program Mentor and click on the links below.

  • Computer Science and Digital Fabrication - learn more HERE

Dr. Philip Taylor -

  • Global / Multicultural Studies - learn more HERE

Dr. Michael Roemer -

  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship - learn more HERE

Dr. Dave Ostroff -

  • Outdoor Leadership - learn more HERE

Blake Amos -

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