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Mission, Vision, Philosophy


The Mission of the Global Education Program is to prepare our students to become globally connected, conscientious leaders through virtual and in-person exchanges and a multicultural PK-12 curriculum. By celebrating our diversity, hosting international guests in our homes and on our campus, joining Trojans Abroad and T.O.E. Beyond Programs, and exchanging knowledge and understanding with people around the world through live and recorded videos and blogs, we are preparing our students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. 

These exchanges align with Trinity Valley School’s Mission by promoting scholarship on topics and peoples across the globe, broadening students’ interests to include cross-cultural experiences, fostering informed global citizenship, and enhancing spiritual and moral development through exposure to an array of worldviews.


There are countless ways to improve student learning. TVS makes a commitment to an international education as part of its curriculum to give students multiple opportunities to interact and collaborate with people from around the world annually. Students think critically about world events and discuss these reflections and experiences with each other and with people abroad. We believe that these cross-cultural contacts will help our students become better problem-solvers and communicators, and they will understand why it is essential to treat all humans with dignity. These traits will help them become conscientious leaders now and in the future.

Engaged learners need to enjoy what they are studying. The Global Education Program takes advantage of this generation’s penchant for connectivity and technology to promote multi-cultural interactions. Innovative learning strategies such as live online discussions, international video exchanges, and blogging excite our students about the future and show them how they can be respectful, open-minded leaders online and in their communities. This Program is part of the overall TVS Mission to offer cognitive and experiential learning experiences that will prepare our students for college, the work force, and daily life in an ever-changing, tightly connected world.


We want every TVS student to have multiple, ongoing contacts with people from around the world to exchange experiences and ideas concerning daily life, current events, and international solutions and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become conscientious leaders.

Our vision is for all of our students to…

  • build long-lasting multicultural relationships;
  • develop cross-cultural competency skills by collaborating with people from various cultures;
  • value diversity and recognize dignity in others and seek commonalities that tie people together;
  • make tangible, effective differences through direct intercultural and interpersonal connections and experiences; and
  • graduate as conscientious leaders with the global competencies of self-awareness, empathy, cross-cultural communication skills, and cross-cultural understanding to prepare them to become conscientious citizens and leaders.

It is the vision of the Global Education Program at Trinity Valley School that the entire community will work together to achieve our mission objectives through cooperative and student-centered learning experiences and exchanges. We aim for every TVS student to have multiple, ongoing contacts with people from around the world and to exchange experiences and ideas concerning daily life, current events, and international solutions. All TVS students will connect with people from throughout the world via technologies such as live online discussions, blogs, and social media; instant, photo, and video messaging; postal mail; classroom assignments and projects; home-hosting; and transformative experiences abroad. We offer curricular and extra-curricular activities for all grade levels that instill in our students genuine feelings of respect and empathy for people around the world, and we hope to provide them with a sense of responsibility and eagerness to become conscientious students and leaders.

Global friendships start here.