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Fort Worth Forward

This annual week-long community engagement program connects students coming into grades 2-4 from all over Fort Worth, who wish to engage in meaningful, age-appropriate projects of value to the broader Fort Worth community.

Students have a voice in the nature of the projects and learn more about themselves as citizens…all while developing a heart of service for our city!

There is plenty of learning and fun to be had along the way!

Fort Worth Forward Students Counts Cookies with Upper School Student
Fort Worth Forward Cup Maze Challenge
Fort Worth Forward Students Help in the TVS Garden
Fort Worth Forward Students Cool Off Under the Trees with a Story
Fort Worth Forward Students Building Structures Using Marshmallows
Team Building Exercises with Fort Worth Forward
Students get to run around the gym with Fort Worth Forward
Recreating Structures
Perfecting their Gardening Skills with Fort Worth Forward
Chop, Chop, Chop Fresh Produce from the TVS Garden
Fort Worth Forward Student Studying Up on her Blushing Phantom Citharias Aurorina Peru
Fort Worth Forward Students Picking Fresh Carrots
Young Fort Worth Forward Students Dominating TVS Upper School Students on the Basketball Court
Campfire stories and games during the afternoon to hide from the heat
Quick Bug Anatomy Lesson during Fort Worth Forward
Some Whiteboard time for the Fort Worth Forward Students
Fort Worth Forward Student Cracking the Code
Who can build the highest cookie tower?
Fort Worth Forward Student practicing his math skills

Fort Worth Forward 2024 will convene on June 3-7, 2024, at 9:00am-3:30pm on the campus of Trinity Valley School!  This year's theme will be environmental stewardship.

The registration form and scholarship application may be viewed and downloaded here.  Assistance with form submission may be requested through Derek Reinhold, Director of Auxiliary Programs (

Please note that this year's registration deadline is May 20, 2024.

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Melissa Garcia, Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs

Melisa Garcia
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs