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Community Service



The Community Service Program at TVS was founded in 1987. Its purpose embodies the School’s mission with the goal of preparing each student to become a responsible, active citizen. To that end, the program strives to instill in each student an awareness of the multiple needs in our community, a sense of moral obligation to help those less fortunate than oneself, and the desire to make one’s community a better place.

1) Community Service: Performed outside of our school community, this service betters the world at large in an inclusive fashion. Community service can be performed in one’s own neighborhood, the surrounding metroplex, or while traveling the globe. Students may earn credit for up to eight hours of service per day.

Examples of potential community service activities:

  • Working for a non-profit organization (NPO)
  • Scouting service projects
  • Summer youth programs and camps
  • Church outreach activities (example: trunk or treat)

Examples of activities that DO NOT count as community service:

  • Worshipping at church (including Sunday school and helping with services)
  • Hours spent sleeping while on a service trip
  • Travel to and from community service destinations
  • Helping a friend or family member with a personal project
  • Working at a for-profit institution (filing, office work, etc.) – this is more like an internship than community service

2) School Service: Performed within our school community, this service enhances student life, builds connections across divisions, and assists in helping on-campus activities run smoothly for all. It is essential for students to participate in school service. Upper School students should take personal ownership of and show loyalty to and gratitude for the programs that have served them well over the years.

Examples of potential school service activities:

  • Attending a TOE trip as a student chaperone/volunteer for a lower grade
  • Upper School students helping with Middle School drama productions
  • Upper School students helping with summer sports camps or programs on campus for younger students
  • Upper School students volunteering to help with Middle School bingo or the fall festival

Examples of on-campus activities that DO NOT count as school service:

  • Playing on a TVS athletic team
  • Performing in a TVS production
  • Club membership activities (unless the club specifically sponsors an approved community service activity)
  • Attending on-campus events

*Note: To avoid confusion, please see the community service directors to determine whether a particular activity qualifies for required community service or school service hours. The community service directors and head of Upper School oversee the approval process.


1) Courtesy. Know the requirements of the organization that you are serving.

-Be a few minutes early and do not quit until you have finished your shift/assignment.

-Wear attire that is appropriate, functional, and safe. Some organizations have specific requirements, such as closed-toe shoes, identifying t-shirts, or nametags.

-In the event of free choice in dressing for your assignment, clothing that is in good taste and positively promotes our school, such as a TVS t-shirt, would be a good choice. Clothing with offensive logos, images or phrases would be a poor choice.

2) Respect. Students must respect each organization’s needs and Trinity Valley School’s image in the greater community.

-Do not cancel at the last minute, unless there is a real emergency.

-Repeated cancellations reflect poorly on the individual and our School. Please do not sign up for opportunities without the sincere intention of following through.

-While having a mobile phone is a necessity in today’s world, students must focus on the work at hand. Put away recreational electronics while working.

-Monetary compensation or gifts not essential to job performance (some organizations issue t-shirts, for example) are not to be accepted for volunteer service.

3) Behavior. Organizations, both on-campus and off, will report back to TVS in the event of poor behavior or work ethic on the job. While representing TVS in a service capacity, students are expected to adhere to all school policies. Students who misbehave while performing service hours will be subject to disciplinary action at the administrators’ discretion.


Trinity Valley School has four main objectives for its students:

  1. Fine scholarship with its fulfillment at college;
  2. the development of wide constructive interests;
  3. intelligent citizenship; and
  4. spiritual and moral development which promotes lasting values.

Community service furthers the TVS mission by helping students to:

  • Connect lessons learned at TVS with the community at large
  • Build communication and decision-making skills
  • Broaden horizons with new experiences
  • Heighten a sense of civic duty
  • Cultivate a heart for service