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XPLORE Summer at TVS


XPLORE: Summer at TVS provides participants with safe, unique, and fun learning experiences. Each year, over 700 participants, ages 4-17, attend at least one camp or program, and many return for several weeks! We welcome students from the Fort Worth area and beyond to join us for camps and programs.

XPLORE: Summer at TVS camps and programs focus on growing active, confident, and creative young people, and we do this by offering a wide variety of camp topics.  In 2024, we are pleased to offer both "old favorites" and some exciting new options!  Come join us!

Please access our 2024 Catalog through the cover image below!


What's NEW in 2024?!?

We are proud to announce the following important programmatic updates and additions:


Camp XCURSION is the brand-new "day camp" offered by XPLORE: Summer at TVS, but registration will be on a weekly basis, by the half-day, to increase flexibility for our families!  Come join us as we play games, make crafts, and participate in themed activities!  This year’s theme across the 9-week summer season is “global cultures,” and the majority of our activities will relate to this theme!  There will also be plenty of free play time to encourage participants to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.

we are establishing the week of independence day as a full-week holiday!

We believe that a mid-summer holiday is essential in providing the best possible care and programming to your participants during our 9-week summer season.  XPLORE: Summer at TVS camps and programs will not operate the week of July 1-5, 2024.

We have transitioned to "unified registration deadlineS!"

Due to the high volume of participants that we are honored to serve, our team requires significant preparation time (staffing decisions, supply purchases, camper ID / schedule generation, etc.).  Additionally, we hope to serve our families well by only having two registration deadlines instead of nine separate deadlines for our programs.  Our unified registration deadlines are:

  • Friday, May 17, 2024 >> Registration will close for all camps in Weeks 1-5 (May 28-June 28).
  • Friday, June 21, 2024 >> Registration will close for all camps in Weeks 6-9 (July 8-August 2).

Select your participant's grade level in the 2024-2025 school year to see the XPAND Camps and programs offered! (Please see the Catalog for week-by-week offerings and full descriptions.)

Please refer to the drop-down menu below for information about the 2024 season of XPLORE: Summer at TVS!  Feel free to email Derek Reinhold, Director of Auxiliary Programs ( at any time with questions!

Lower School students learning how to a TVS Cheerleader from the Varsity Cheerleaders
Security Officer and Football Coach, Mr. Bowman teaching young Trojans how to DJ a party
Xplore campers exploring the possibilities of oil paints
Beating the heat while working on a 1000 piece puzzle
The tiny Xplore Campers having fun at the Pocketful Miracles camp
Fort Worth, My Hometown campers learning all the things Fort Worth has to offer
Coach Carlson teaching basketball fundamentals during basketball camp
Young campers get to Xplore all there is to know about camping while beating the heat of the summer
Young campers creating worms
Middle School boys working together to finish a puzzle
Lower School Campers won a fierce competition
Young campers hula-hooping to let some energy out
Snack break during Xplore camp
Lower School campers showing off their art work that they made at camp
Breakthrough campers working together to beat the clock
Young campers learning how to ride their bikes and bike safety at Xplore
Ahoy at Xplore Camp
Campers got to build and design their own doll houses
Ms. Knapp teaches campers how to knit
Parachute Drop Camp
Tiny campers Xploring water colors
Summer fun at Xplore with the water slides
Lower School campers posing for a picture with their stunning art work
Upper School basketball players teaching Lower School campers the fundamentals of basketball
Xplore Campers learning bike safety and the fundamentals of how to ride a bike
Coach Rodriguez sits down with future Varsity Basketball players
Mrs. Zabriskie gets her hands dirty with Lower School campers
Kindergarteners explore textures and shapes at camp
Young campers building sculptures at camp
Middle School campers learning about pottery and glazing from Upper School Art teach Ms. Mulroy
Nurses Bartell and Coats teach Middle and High School campers how to babysit kids of all ages
Young athletes learn how to play tennis from Coach Grunberg
Lower School campers tune up their baseball skills from Coach Dover
Pre-K campers work on motor skills with art camp
Campers track big foot
Middle School campers combine their art skills and their geometry knowledge
Pre-K campers learn the colors of emotions and what they mean while at camp
Lower School campers built their own board game and got to play each others at the end of camp

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    Melissa Garcia, Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs

    Melisa Garcia
    Assistant Director of Auxiliary Programs