Trojan Outdoor Experience

Ever wondered what a TOE Beyond Trip is like?

Thank you to TVS student Travis Zavaleta for putting together this awesome video of our Colorado Summer 2021 trip! 


Specifically, TOE seeks:

  • to support fine scholarship by modeling, teaching, and practicing individual and group-based decision making; and by guiding students through reflective evaluation of their learning;
  • to promote the development of wide, constructive interests by enabling students to explore and pursue varied activities in the natural world;
  • to help TVS students become responsible global citizens who recognize their role of stewardship to others and to their environment; and
  • to strengthen the development of strong moral character through outdoor, experiential learning.

Overview of the Trojan Outdoor Experience at Trinity Valley School

The Trojan Outdoor Experience (TOE) Program engages students in outdoor adventure, environmental education, and wilderness expedition programming. The program as a whole is voluntary, but participation is strongly recommended, expected, and a large part of the school culture. TOE has been a key fixture on our campus since the late 1970s. It helps facilitate learning primarily through outdoor experiences that serve to help students better understand and respect themselves, their peers, and the natural world. The TOE program is supported throughout all departments and has one full-time faculty member serving as director throughout the calendar year. Activities range from full class trips (TOE Core), included in tuition, to specialty trips both domestic and abroad (TOE Beyond) that are offered at an extra cost. Additionally, there are skill-specific mini-courses (TOE Select) offered in several outdoor areas throughout the year and numerous weekly small- to large-class interactions through either specific programs or initiatives/requests by faculty. Finally, the TOE program manages the Trojan Challenge Course on the Trinity Valley School campus.

Blake Amos


Director of Experiential Education


Assistant Director of Experiential Education