Middle School 1:1 iPad Program

At TVS we are proud of how we integrate technology into learning. Via our iPad program our students have:

  • Access to apps that promote increased opportunities for interactivity across the curriculum.
  • New ways to engage with educational content (many learning styles).
  • The potential to replace traditional textbooks with interactive content and dramatically reduce their backpack’s weight.
  • Increased opportunities to collaborate.
  • Opportunities to develop important skills for their futures.

As technology continues to change we are constantly reviewing and iterating our program and practices to improve the classroom experience. Our current middle school 1:1 iPad program is structured as follows:

All rising 6th grade students and new 7th and 8th graders purchase an iPad through the school. Students in these grades are required to bring their school-issued iPad to school every day. Our faculty have spent much time learning new skills and recreating their lessons to create an environment in which iPads are a valuable and effective learning tool.

For the 2020-2021 school year the school is providing an option for families to purchase an iPad for their 5th grade child that their child will be able to use throughout their time in the middle school. The school is providing iPads to students in the 5th grade whose families chose not to purchase one this year. These iPads are owned by the school, are kept in carts, and will not go home.