Grunberg School of Tennis

In keeping with TVS’s outstanding academic and athletic accomplishments, we are proud to introduce Progressive Tennis to our TVS families. The program is led by our very own Myron Grunberg, who is a certified USPTA Progressive Tennis (quick start) teacher.

In the last several years a revolution has started to take hold on the tennis courts around the world. Most commonly called “Progressive Tennis,” it is a natural application of the game-based approach (form follows function) as it applies to junior development.

Pioneered in European countries like France and Belgium, it is now the development method of choice for the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations including the United States. None other than the likes of Roger Federer is the spokesperson for Progressive Tennis in his home country of Switzerland. Belgium is recognized as the world leader in Progressive Tennis development with their program spawning players like Justin Henin and Oliver Rochus.

First and foremost, Progressive Tennis is a system of scaled competition for students. Along with the competition come development methods, drills, organization, etc. Click here to read more about Progressive Tennis.

A Tennis Experience Tailored to Fit Individual Needs
Coach Grunberg has adopted the philosophy that there is no cookbook of coaching techniques that applies identically to each player. We emphasize the development of life skills and educate our players to understand that the ideas and concepts learned on the tennis court apply to their lives outside tennis. We take a global approach by addressing the physiological, psychological, tactical and technical skills each player needs to reach his/her full potential.

High Performance Coaching
High performance tennis coaching is an art. Some tennis academies imitate other coaching philosophies they have heard or read about, neglecting the fact that no program is one-size-fits-all. This is where coaching ceases to be a science and becomes an art. By operating on such a small scale, we are able to provide each of our players the proper training program that suits his/her individual needs.

Fitness Philosophy
Our fitness training program is structured in terms of competency over capacity. We evaluate each player individually in order to reveal dysfunction and asymmetry and we carefully customize training programs based on tournament schedules. Above all, we set up for success by precisely evaluating movement systems, instantaneous levels of preparation that we can use heart rate variability for, and the sensory systems, in terms of vision and touch.

We strongly believe that tennis fitness development encompasses three main segments of athletic training:

1) Improving and maintaining fundamental movement skills of mobility and motor control

2) Increasing strength, speed, power, and endurance

3) Mastery of technical and strategic tennis skills

The above principles of the program are graded and prioritized by the Functional Performance Pyramid. The most caudal and widest portion of the pyramid is Functional Movement (3), which includes mobility, stability, and motor control. The central portion of the pyramid, which should not exceed the caudal portion in width, is Functional Performance (4), which includes limit force, rate of force development, and endurance of all qualities. The cephalad portion of the pyramid, not to exceed the Functional Performance or Functional Movement in width, is Functional Skill (5).

Prioritizing or improving any of the components of the qualities above begins with systematic evaluation of the body's movement spectrum, the body's constant state of preparedness and recovery, and the body's sensory systems. Utilizing best practice of science and practical experience, evaluating these categories allows for manipulating the training program for efficient and expansive windows for recovery and technical skill sessions.


Tennis Coach

RacquetFit Certification

Coach Myron Grunberg

3 Years of Davis Cup Coaching

4 Years of National Coaching

20 Years as ITF, ATP, WTA Coach

Hundreds of College Scholarships given to Tennis Academy students over the past 15 years

National Jr. Coach

Recipient of numerous Coaching Excellence Awards

USPTA Elite Certification

Tennis Canada Level III

RacquetFit Certified

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