Lower School Library

The mission of the TVS Lower School Library is to encourage students to explore a variety of appropriate literature and media resources, provide experiences that are enjoyable and educational, and assist students in becoming lifelong readers and learners.

In the Lower School Library, we take to heart our mission of helping students become lifelong readers and learners. With more than 16,000 items in our collection, the Lower School Library academically supports the K-4 classroom curriculum, while helping students connect with and enjoy the experience of reading.

In addition to working directly with students and collaborating with classroom teachers, the Lower School librarians share information with parents to strengthen our students as readers and learners.

  • Parent learning sessions are held at different times throughout the year to share information on various topics related to reading and literacy;
  • Teachers and librarians collaborate to customize, plan, and schedule additional learning experiences;
  • Regularly scheduled library classes occur weekly;
  • Students visit the library as often as they need to exchange books; and
  • Special events that center on building a community of readers are planned and hosted throughout the year by the LS Library.