Counseling Program & Services

Trinity Valley School offers a high quality School Counseling Program. TVS School counselors provide emotional and social services and plan programs and speakers for the community to meet the CDC’s Mental Health and Wellness Guidelines for Schools. The CDC’s Guidelines that fall under mental health services reside in the following categories; Healthy Relationships, Mental and Emotional Health, Alcohol/Drugs and Tobacco Prevention, Violence Prevention, and Personal Safety.

Emotional and Social Services TVS Counselors provide for our students:
  • Individual meetings to talk about their personal problems and relationships.
  • A counselor who can assess and handle serious psychological and emotional problems and assist the family in getting treatment.
  • Service as a liaison with the counseling and treatment community.
  • Share with parents information on typical age-appropriate behavior and growing up issues.
  • Referral for educational testing to assess the student’s learning style, strengths and challenges. The counselor collaborates with Tina Harper, Academic Services Coordinator.
  • Training in life skills appropriate to each grade level.
  • Consultation, counseling and referral for TVS families going through divorce, grief and loss, or other stressful experiences.
  • Assistance in conflict resolution to students.
  • Guidance and information to the Parents' Club Forum on relevant topics and issues.
    The organization and presentation of preventative programs.

Mental Health Programming

Healthy Relationships

Mental and Emotional Health

Alcohol/Drugs and Tobacco Prevention

Violence Prevention

Personal Safety

Academic Services

Academic development includes acquiring the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the life span. Strategies to achieve success such as organization, time management, study habits, critical thinking skills, and goal setting are essential. Through various activities, students will be prepared to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options with an emphasis on college. Understanding the relationship of academics to the world of work is also a focus.

Curriculum Partner - House of Shine

House of Shine is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to unearth and harness people’s talents and gifts for the greater good of their communities. Our focus is to develop confident, engaged women and children by exposing them to their SHINE (S=Strengths, H=Hobbies, I=Interests and Irritants, N=Needs, and E=Experiences).

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Lower and Middle School Counselor (Grades K-8)


Upper School Counselor (Grades 9-12)