Non-TVS Travel Programs

The following abbreviated list is mainly for summer programs for 15-18-year-olds. There are also Gap Year programs (between high school graduation and beginning college) and semester and year-long programs available. Contact Dr. Roemer for more information.
When selecting a study abroad program beyond what TVS already offers, a few things to consider first are:
  1. where you want to go;
  2. for how long/when you want to go;
  3. what you want experience most (e.g., language study, community service, TOE-like experience, school credit, home stay, science-based…);
  4. about how much you can spend (**NOTE: some programs are fully or partially funded and almost all programs have limited scholarships);
  5. and other reasons you want to go abroad.
Global leadership program in South Africa; join an exclusive group of high school students from around the world; experience parts of southern Africa; volunteer with local organizations; make new friends; **study abroad and gap year programs also available at the African Leadership Academy
Language, Service Learning, Science, Arts, History, and other trips to Germany, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Botswana, Ireland, Morocco, and much more!
Fully-funded 6-week leadership programs in South Africa/Mozambique or India/Nepal
9-11 day culture exchange/home stay trips to Hungary, Germany, Italy, or Mexico for Spring Break and China, Japan (**$500 Japan Scholarship Exchange available), France, eSwatini/Swaziland, or Indonesia in the summer (offerings vary annually) Applications: due around October 14 (including teacher recommendation)
4-week pre-college academic programs and language immersion in England, France, Spain, or Scotland
Service learning, Science, History, and other programs in Southeast Asia, Fiji/New Zealand, Peru, Cuba, and much more!
5-week language and cultural immersion in China, France, and Spain; global studies training in Italy; **semester programs also available
3-6 week Youth Ambassadors, Youth Leadership, American Youth Leadership Program; These trips are fully funded by the State department; click on the above link for more details/application.
4-6 week service/adventure/cultural/language exchange trips to China, Southeast Asia, Himalayas, Latin America, Africa, Middle East; college credits possible; **Semester and Gap Year programs available too.
There are many other programs available for you to consider. Talk with Dr. Roemer if you are interested in going abroad on one of these or if you'd like help searching for other programs.

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