Wyatt Donahue Memorial Trail
Wyatt Donahue Memorial Trail

Our community recently mourned the loss of Class of 2012 alumnus David Wyatt Donahue. Wyatt was a 13-year student whose energy left an indelible mark on his classmates and teachers. According to TVS Director of Experiential Education Blake Amos, "Wyatt loved TVS, loved being a part of our community in so many ways and really found a home in the TOE program. From being a strong student leader and mentor to younger students, to trekking across the Alps of Austria, Wyatt was always up for adventure. Wyatt embodied the sense of how you can learn from experience and revel in the challenge that it brings."

As a way to celebrate Wyatt's passion for the TVS TOE program, his parents Angela and David Donahue made a gift to support the construction of a multi-use trail that will be available for walking, running, and mountain biking around the perimeter of the campus. In addition, the trail will be used for on-campus TOE experiences and cross-country team training and will provide current and prospective families an opportunity to more thoroughly explore TVS's 75 acres.

Trinity Valley is honored to partner with the Donahues on this project, and once complete, a trail-opening event will be scheduled to celebrate Wyatt and encourage use within our community. While the trail is officially open this fall, we are excited to share more updates with you on this new addition to our campus!

Trail Rules:

+Cyclists must wear a helmet at all times.

+Pet owners need to carry and use waste disposal bags.

+Walkers yield to runners yield to cyclists.

+Please do not use the trail if the conditions are muddy.

+Collect and dispose of any trash you find.

+Stay on the trail to avoid damaging plants and wildlife.

+Slow down and look both ways at all road crossings.