Upper School

Our Trinity Valley School (TVS) Upper School is a caring and socially conscious environment built upon the foundation of a traditional, liberal arts, education. Our curriculum is curated by faculty members who are subject matter experts in their fields and dedicate themselves to preparing our students for both university and life. Whether a student enters TVS in the ninth grade, or has been with us since kindergarten, the Upper School is an environment where each student is given the tools and encouragement to cultivate his or her own unique talents.

The Upper School is more than a collection of classrooms and books, we are a tight-knit community of individuals. Here, students are given the freedom to develop meaningful relationships with peers and faculty alike, while learning the value of self-advocacy and community engagement. I am proud to highlight that our students are driven by a desire to be change agents in this country and the world.

Beyond our rigorous academics, the Upper School fosters the leadership potential of each of our students. In the classroom, on the athletic field, through international exchanges, in the Trojan Outdoor Experience (TOE) program, the fine arts, and the performing arts our students develop the ability to lead groups through a variety of challenges. Leadership opportunities extend beyond the bounds of our Upper School as our students are frequently asked to mentor Middle and Lower School students as they pursue their education and exploration. In addition, we strive to provide a diverse set of opportunities to foster each student's innate curiosity to explore beyond their immediate horizon.

While we are proud of our tradition, the TVS Upper School is forward thinking. In preparing our students for a 21st Century world, we see the need to cultivate responsible engagement with technology and offer unique opportunities to develop innovative skills. To assist in this endeavor, we are blessed with an engaged alumni base that frequently returns to campus to address our students and lead discussions. Becoming a member of the TVS family means joining a vast network of professionals and community leaders.

I welcome you to visit our campus and see for yourself the engagement and dedication of our students, faculty, and staff. This is truly a welcoming and inclusive environment and I remain honored and privileged to be a member of this extraordinary community.

Kyle Kahuda
Head of Upper School


Mr. Kyle Kahuda

Head of UPPER School