Alumni Giving

TVS Annual Fund: What is it? Why is it?

As an adult member of the TVS community, reassess your experience as a student. Very few of your successes here happened by chance. A great amount of time and care went into each student's development. The hard work and dedication of our faculty created a reputation for producing successful graduates like you. You are Trinity Valley School's success.

TVS continues to provide that academic and nurturing environment for our current students and their families. As you needed TVS when you were a student, TVS needs you today. Be a part of the School's long-term future. Your gift to the Alumni Annual Fund, helps to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to trust, persist, dream, and succeed.

Your contribution to the Alumni Annual Fund helps to guarantee the School's future. Managed as part of the perpetual Endowment Fund, your gift supports the mission of the School. You may designate your gift one of three ways: General Endowment Fund, Alumni Scholarship Fund (Gerry Kramer Alumni Financial Aid Award), or Financial Aid Fund.

You have woven many educational opportunities and experiences into the person you are today. We hope that in some small measure, your experience at TVS helped contribute to your success.

Per aspera ad astra.