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TVS Annual Fund: What is it? Why is it?

Why Do I Give to TVS?

Thank you for being among Trinity Valley School’s valued donors.  Your generosity and support shine particularly brightly during these challenging times, when changes to how we educate our children recently took a sudden and dramatic turn.  

During a time of compulsory electronic needs, your gifts have allowed us to ensure that all of our students have access to a learning device, if needed; to secure Wifi connectivity in homes that were not equipped to meet the needs of online schooling; to continue providing additional resources to families who need them; and to retain our employees, the very heartbeat of both classroom and virtual learning.  

We celebrate your benevolence not only in seasons of great joy, but also during times such as these, when circumstances arise necessitating our immediate attention.  Know that Trinity Valley School is able to proceed with confidence because of your help.  We give you our most sincere appreciation. 

TVS Gift Categories


$50,000 to 99,999

$25,000 to 49,999

$15,000 to 24,999

$10,000 to 14,999

$5,000 to 9,999

$2,500 to 4,999

$1,500 to 2,499

$1,000 to 1,499

$500 to 999

$1 to 499

*All donors making gifts of $1,000 or more are members of the Trinity Valley School Benefactors' Society.

Payment information:

Donors may make a gift online through the TVS website.

Pledges and Payments

Payment may be made by:

  • Credit card – AmEx, Discover, Mastercard or Visa
  • Check
  • Online donation – through the TVS website
  • Cash

Corporate Matching Gift

Many corporations provide a matching gift benefit to their employees. A donor’s employer may double, and in some cases, triple a donor’s personal gift. Matching gifts from corporations will be combined with the donor’s personal gift for purposes of recognition and gift club membership.

Tax Deductibility of Gifts

Trinity Valley School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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