TVS Story


Trinity Valley was founded in 1959, when George Bragg and Stephen Seleny realized they needed to provide the young men of the Texas Boys Choir with an opportunity to learn as well as rehearse. On a tour of Europe, Bragg and Seleny realized the signing of the Magna Carta and the crowning of Charlemagne meant nothing to the boys. In response, the two men founded a liberal arts school – the Texas Boys Choir School -- in the third-floor kitchen and one tiny room of St. Ignatius Academy in Fort Worth.

Heads of School

Blair lowry currently serves as Head of School.

Previous Heads of School include:
2016-2020 - Ian L. Craig, Head of School

2015-2016 - Donald C. North, Interim Head of School

2006-2015 - Gary W. Krahn, Head of School

2001-2005 - Bob Windham, Head of School

1999-2001 - Gerald Kramer, Interim Headmaster, fall of 1999 through spring 2001
Mr. Kramer served the school in a dual role as Interim Headmaster and Lower School Principal. From 2001 to 2007, he served as Lower School Principal/Associate Head of School.

1994-1999 - Walter W. Kesler, second Head of School
Mr. Kesler led the school through its successful fundraising efforts and its relocation to the 75-acre, $30M Dutch Branch campus.

1959-1994 - Stephen Seleny, the School's founding Headmaster
Mr. Seleny served in that capacity until his retirement in 1994. As Headmaster Emeritus, he continues to serve the School community in an advisory role and as the School's ambassador to the community.