Diversity & Inclusion

Trinity Valley School was founded by Stephen Seleny in 1959 because he believed that the incredibly gifted students he worked with should have knowledge of the world. Beyond knowing facts about Charlemagne, there was a belief that students should be equipped with an education that would not only take them to college, but also arm them with lasting values that would carry them for the rest of their lives.
At the heart of our campus, beneath the belltower, you’ll find the words respect, integrity, wisdom, and compassion encircling a compass. As we pursue a culture of belonging for every Trojan, these values give direction to the work of equity and inclusion at TVS. Trinity Valley School has changed a great deal since its founding over 60 years ago. In terms of our facilities and student population, the TVS of today is a world apart from the small group of boys and teachers that met at the vacant St. Ignatius Academy. Today, our campus is home to over 1,000 incredible students and their families. Once a school exclusively for members of the Texas Boys Choir, our campus welcomes students regardless of gender, race, income or creed.
By prioritizing the intentional inclusion of diversity in identity and thought - at times in the face of resistance - TVS has benefited greatly from the increased richness of the community. For all that we have gained, we also accept a greater responsibility for every member of our community. Belonging is not a belief; it is an outcome that is pursued through sustained work in equity and inclusion at all levels of the institution. We haven’t always gotten it right, but we are more committed than ever to ensuring every member of our community experiences the fullness of our values, mission, and family.
In recent years, our efforts have included EIC (Equity, Inclusivity, and Community) committees for staff, Upper School students, and faculty in all three divisions; the publication of an inclusivity statement; guest speakers; student and faculty conferences and trainings; student organizations; and student presentations. This year, we are building on that work to develop a strategic approach to equity and inclusion that results in a strong sense of belonging for every student, faculty member, and family. While equity and inclusion are the responsibility of every member of the TVS community, the role of Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Community has been created to support these efforts.
Per Aspera Ad Astra,
Trevon R. Jones, MBA, Ph.D.
Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Community


Because Trinity Valley School believes that children learn from one another and that such learning is enhanced by diverse experiences, opinions and cultures, the school is committed to maintaining a student body and faculty that represent the diverse groups that make up the Fort Worth community. By encouraging children to appreciate each other's differences – in race, culture, religion, gender, family structure, and socioeconomic levels – the Trinity Valley School faculty prepares them to become citizens of the global community and the complex, multicultural world in which they live.

Diversity at TVS

  • Rutledge Lecture Series
  • Assemblies
  • Advisory Conversation
  • Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee
  • Student Committees and Clubs 


Faculty & students have attended the following conferences:

  • NAIS People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference
  • Courageous Conversation Workshop
  • Tearing Down the Walls Conference
  • St. Stephens Episcopal School Diversity Conference

Dr. Trevon Jones

Director of Equity, Inclusivity, and Community

(817) 321-0100