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Standardized Testing & Preparation

The best preparation for standardized testing occurs every day within the classrooms at Trinity Valley School as students develop their ability to think, write, analyze and solve problems. While a number of colleges have moved toward test-optional admission policies, many colleges and universities still require standardized testing as one component of the college application.

We suggest that every Trinity Valley School student take both the SAT and the ACT in the spring of junior year. The student can then compare his or her scores, determine which test is a better reflection of his or her abilities, and take that test again over the summer or in the fall of senior year. Please see our recommended testing timeline below with our suggested testing dates in bold.

Junior Year:



December, March, May, or June




December, February, April, or June

Senior Year:

If necessary, retake SAT


August, October, November, or December


If necessary, retake ACT

September, October, or December