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Visual Arts

Senior Portfolio student's art on display
Upper School student smiling through art class
Self portraits on display
Senior Portfolio self portrait on display
Ms. Chaffee assists art student with oil based painting
Senior Portfolio student experiments with metals
Phases of emotions by Senior Portfolio art student
9th Graders putting on their finishing touches on their oil based prints
Art gallery for Senior Portfolio showcase
Drawing of self portrait structure
Art gallery for Senior Portfolio showcase

TVS Visual Arts Program

The Trinity Valley School Visual Arts program is designed to foster the growth and success of each individual student. In fine arts classes, students are taught diverse, complex technical skills which in turn provide them tools to engage in constructive problem solving in all facets of their lives. The creative team at TVS employs both traditional and non-traditional methods to expand and enrich each student’s intellectual and academic capabilities.

TVS Learning Experience

TVS students gain experience in technical skills while working daily in the art studio. This is followed up with intellectual analysis and critical feedback with their teachers, peers, and art professionals. Such feedback is vital as the students decipher their work and how it relates to the world in which they live. It also aids their acquisition of new vocabulary and ability to articulate within each creative discipline.