Lower School

Music in the Lower School is a vital part of the arts experience at Trinity Valley School. Music classes in grades one through four are held each day for five days every other week, alternating with art class. Kindergarten students have a 20-minute music class as a part of their daily schedule.

The Lower School music curriculum is attuned to the child and sequenced according to the developmental level of each child. The TVS approach is based on the methods of Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff; children from kindergarten through fourth grade are actively engaged in music making that incorporates speech (poems and rhymes), singing, movement, and instrument playing in a creative environment. This encourages the development of the whole child with a balance of emotional and intellectual stimulation.

As a result of this methodology, students frequently create musical experiences in a collaborative manner as they play pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments in ensembles, sing beautiful traditional songs and folk tunes from many cultures, and create movement and dance as a part of a larger composition or story.

The school year is filled with myriad opportunities for sharing these unique, fun-filled experiences in music as well as in drama:

  • Kindergarten offers two plays a year, fall and spring
  • First grade performs a musical in January
  • Second grade performs a Thanksgiving play for grandparents
  • Third grade performs Charlotte’s Web in the fall
  • Fourth grade performs a musical play related to American history

Other events include the following:

  • Musical connections with visiting-author appearances
  • December’s Lower School holiday musical program, featuring a short drama by the fourth grade, instrumental pieces, dances, and singing by all Lower School grades
  • Themed grade-level programs
  • Cultural connections with Spanish and Chinese curricula

Extracurricular activities include the Trojan Tunes Lower School Choir for third and fourth grades. This group performs for TVS Grandparents’ Day and other campus events, as well as at off-campus facilities such as retirement centers in the area. The choir performs a spring concert.

Middle School

Students in fifth and sixth grades have five days of music in our six-day schedule, alternating rotations with art class. Students learn rhythmic concepts, along with staff note names for instrumentalists and solfege for vocal sight-reading. Techniques for playing Orff instruments and recorders are part of the curriculum. Folk songs from different cultures are presented, as well as folk dancing and games requiring movement. Students watch and study a musical.

The Trojan Treble Clef Choir meets after school and presents three to four performances annually. These include TCU sporting events and NRH2O Music Festival.

Seventh grade students rotate between choir, creative dramatics, and visual art, spending six weeks in each rotation per semester. As eighth graders, students elect to study two of our three fine arts courses for eighteen weeks each.

Upper School

Students in grades nine through 12 may choose choir as a fine arts elective. The Upper School choir is all about the joy of singing and music making. The choir studies a wide repertoire of music, ranging from pop to classics, and performs in venues ranging from coffeehouse/cabarets to festivals, all-state competitions, and traditional concerts.