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Trinity Valley School provides a strong, well-grounded training in the arts. Our program offers an experience beneficial to all students, while at the same time providing engaging and challenging opportunities for those planning to pursue arts after graduation from TVS.

The role of fine arts in a student’s education at Trinity Valley School is multifaceted. Creative thinking and problem-solving are taught at all grade levels in the visual arts, music, theatre, and dance programs.

It is through the arts curricula that the TVS student is presented with problems and tools to create new, inventive, and individual solutions. The real value comes from elucidating any “correct” answer from all of the possible answers, at which point the learner is compelled to internalize the results of that decision-making process. This is creativity. It is a tremendous asset in any endeavor, from the sciences and mathematics to law and back again to the arts.The Trinity Valley School Fine Arts program is designed to foster the growth and success of each individual student. The studio experience is enriched by a series of visiting artists and cultural opportunities throughout the year including visits to museums, symphonies, dance performances, and plays. Students also attend curricula-course-driven field trips, workshops, and various conferences. Many TVS students are invited on an annual basis to attend the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) Fine Arts Festival.

The creative team at TVS employs both traditional and non-traditional methods to expand and enrich each student’s creative capabilities. It is important for all students to understand the fundamental aspects of these disciplines and recognize that these experiences build intellectual curiosity and academic growth.

The Fine Arts faculty at TVS brings a multitude of experience, credentials, talents, and abilities. Each faculty member is professionally active in his or her discipline and remains current in that field by attending workshops and presentations nationally and abroad.


Students are fully prepared for the academic rigor of college coursework after their fine arts experience at TVS. By graduation, they have developed a variety of constructive skills, critical thinking skills, and intellectual curiosity.

Students go on to some of the finest schools in the country to study architecture, design, industrial design, graphic arts, the visual arts, music, theatre, and more.

Some of the colleges that have accepted TVS graduates are the following:

  • Cornell University College of Architecture & Planning, NY
  • Rhode Island School of Design, RI
  • The Julliard School, NY
  • The Cooper Union, NY
  • Virginia Commonwealth, VA
  • Southern Methodist University, TX
  • Pratt Institute, NY
  • Maryland Art Institute, MD
  • Savannah College of Art & Design, GA
  • Washington University, St Louis, MO
  • Cincinnati Conservatory, OH
  • Northwestern University, IL
  • New York University, NY
  • Carnegie Mellon, PA
  • Rutgers University, NJ
  • Rice School of Architecture, TX
  • Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Faculty Awards & Honors

Jo-Ann Mulroy (US Visual Arts) received a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction Award for excellence in teaching and for the encouragement of and dedication to the academic success of students at TVS.

Gene Sessa (US Theatre) received The Barry H. Friedman Hero Award from the Score-A-Goal in the Classroom organization for Outstanding Theatre Teacher in North Texas.

Marcy Roten, Arts Department Chair

Marcy Roten
Arts Department Chair