Welcome, New Families!

Once again we would like to tell you how much we are looking forward to having your family join us this fall!  This web page contains important information and documents that need your attention.  Please don't feel pressured to take care of everything at once.  Start with the "All New Family" tab below and then click on the appropriate tab for your child/children. A list of contact numbers and emails for different departments is included below.  

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 817.321.0116 and we will help you or direct you to the appropriate area.  

Division Contacts

Main Telephone Number (817) 321-0100  
Main Fax Number (817) 321-0105  

Lower School

(817) 321-0120 Email

Middle School

(817) 321-0130 Email

Upper School

(817) 321-0140 Email


(817) 321-0160 Email
Admissions (817) 321-0116 Email

Dining Hall

(817) 321-0151 Email
School Counselor:
Lower/Middle School

(817) 321-0136

School Counselor:
Upper School

(817) 321-0197

School Nurse (817) 321-0132 Email
Security (817) 321-0180 Email