Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in Trinity Valley School. We have a long history of learning with students from China, Germany, South Korea, and Vietnam, among other countries. Past international students have benefited from our robust academic programs, our variety of extra-curricular opportunities, and our caring community. Recent international students who graduated from TVS have attended universities such as Cornell University, Georgetown University, Julliard, Manhattan School of Music, SCAD, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), University of Southern California, and William and Mary.

Please follow these instructions if you wish to be considered as a full-time F-1 status Trinity Valley School student for the next academic year.


Application & Steps to Apply



Although TVS welcomes applications from all over the world, we do not offer English Language Learners (or ESL) classes, and we expect all our students to write, read, discuss, present, and learn in English on a level comparable to their TVS classmates. To ensure your academic and social success with us, we limit international student eligibility to students for grades 9-12 only, and it is strongly preferred that the student have attended at least one year of school at an English-speaking school or a school where English is one of the primary languages in which classes are taught. Some applicants may be asked to repeat a year so that they are better prepared to succeed within our advanced academic programs.

There are a limited number of spots for new students in our Upper School. If you are interested in TVS, please let us know and begin the application process early (Deadline: February 7, 2020).



  1. Submit an Application
    1. Including three Teacher Recommendations from current English, Math, and Social Studies teachers (use the “English teacher form” for both your English and your Social Studies teacher recommendations; recommendations must be written in English)
    2. Including your official school transcript
  2. Take the ISEE test; request that scores be sent to TVS (TVS Code: 442572)

If we feel that these documents and test scores reveal that you may be highly qualified and spots are available for the grade you are applying to, we will contact you for a live online or on- campus interview (whichever is possible for you). The interview will be a chance for us to get to know you better and to assess your English communication skills. We will also ask you to read 1-2 short passages from a textbook and write a short (4-6 sentences) summary of that passage to assess your English reading comprehension skills. We also encourage you to ask us questions about TVS. The interview will take approximately 25-50 minutes.

At any time, you are invited to visit our school and spend a day attending classes to get a feel for our community and to learn more about us.


In addition to the annual tuition, newly accepted international students are required to pay an additional US$700 to help cover the added administrative fees (e.g., international mailings and visa application/processing), the new student fee, and an activities fee.

After the first year, international students are asked to pay US$250, in addition to the annual tuition.

Other expected costs include:

  • Host Family stipend: $1,500 per month for 10 months
  • Uniforms: Varies depending on needs (approx $300-700 in the first year)
  • Other School fees
  • Airfare (to/from home country): 1-2 round-trips per year (cost varies per location)
  • Miscellaneous living expenses: E.g., entertainment, non-uniform clothes, personal items, etc. Approximately US$50-300 per month, depending on the student